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Dec 23, 2020 · One of the new quests available in Stardew Valley’s new 1.

. Here is what you need to do to complete the quest and unlock a new crafting recipe.


Meanwhile, I see that Quality Bobber is marked as being a reward for the Curious Substance quest.

In single-player it shouldn't be. If I don’t find ectoplasm before the special order deadline will the task come back eventually on the board, or am I fresh outta luck??? I really want the reward but I’m having a hard. Place in a barn.

Rewards Introductions It would be a nice gesture to introduce yourself around town.

. Dec 3, 2022 · In Stardew Valley, during the second day of fall on the player's first year, a new commission board will be set up right below Mayor Lewis's house. -M.

Players can participate in A Curious Substance quest during their first fall in Stardew Valley,. Ghosts will appear throughout the Skull Cavern and on floors 51 to 79 of the mine.

If you have it unlocked, wear a burglars ring.

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Step down. The Special Orders Board is new with the 1.

The only time a Stardew Valley farmer can obtain Ectoplasm is during "A Curious Substance," an infrequent quest in which the Wizard charges the farmer with. (2500g and mini-obelisk recipe reward) Prismatic Jelly (7 days): Collect 1 Prismatic Jelly (5000g and monster muck recipe reward) Mr.

Dec 12, 2016 · (2500g and deluxe fish tank reward) A Curious Substance (7 days): Collect 1 Ectoplasm.
Here’s what it’s essential do to finish the search and unlock a brand new crafting recipe.

Completing this order will earn you the.


. While Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and gives you the opportunity to explore,. .

. However, Carbon Ghosts only appear in the Skull Cavern (Mummy levels). . The Wizard is an NPC in Stardew Valley who always seeks out strange objects. Place in a barn.


Step down. That said, "98%" reads as if there are 2 crafting items missing, so using "Stardew Checkup" or turning on "Show Advanced Crafting Information" in the options will help you.


Do all the quests give a special cutscene, and is there a pool of rewards that all quests have a probability of dropping, or does each quest only drop from a limited list? Also to consider: Are any quests only accessible during a certain season?.

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