The 30th Anniversary Zelda series gave us a trio of Link figures, but only this 8-bit take holds the power to grant fans the Pixel fabric and Hero armor set.

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All you need to do is own one of the compatible figurines and scan it in-game to unlock.

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Champion’s Tunic Fabric.

Along with Epona, there is a chance to obtain pieces of the Hero of Twilight Set. ) Link (Majora's Mask) Fierce Deity set, Themed glider fabric, Sword drop (Broadsword, Claymore etc. .

. If not, you get swords of different varieties and mushrooms instead.

The following includes armor sets that can be gained by using specific Zelda-themed Amiibo, however unlike Breath of the Wild, each of these armor pieces can also be found by exploring and finding.


It is said to have once belonged to the hero of a world in. To get the Fierce Deity Sword you need to have the full Fierce Deity armor set equipped, so the armor, the mask and the boots.

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Pull the chest from the earth with Ultra Hand and open it.
Breath of the Wild.


Link amiibo to get the same items.

The Fierce Deity Set is an Armor Set in Breath of the Wild. For now. It is said to have once belonged to the hero of a world in.

May 21, 2023 · The Fierce Deity Armor set is a returning armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, but this time, you can find it in-game without an amiibo. May 16, 2023 · To enter the bedchamber, look for a low hole in the wall, as shown in the center of the image below. . . .

Champion’s Tunic Fabric.

May 12, 2023 · Link (8-bit) Of the Hero set, Sword of the Hero weapon, Sword drop (Broadsword, Claymore etc. Majora's Mask Link Amiibo.

This is a guide to Fierce Deity Armor, a Tunic of the Fierce Deity set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW).

In the case of the Fierce Deity set, it appears.


Você também pode garantir a armadura via sidequest no jogo.