Another factor is that Michael has become much more empathetic and willing to take responsibility for his actions.

Chapter Summaries 7 - 11.

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Use your copy of Swallowing Stones to find the sentence where the word is used.


In Joyce McDonald’s novel‚ “ Swallowing Stones ” the protagonist‚ Michael MacKenzie‚ continues to make bad choices which lead to trouble. . .

You can’t change the past.

-3 A. 5. 6) What does Michael learn from Joe that bothers him? 7) What answers might Amy have for Jenna? 8) When Michael visits Amy, what does she tell him?.

Include a 4 sentence description of the illustration and how it depicts the theme on the back of the illustration. question.

The next day he learns a man a mile away is killed by a stray bullet and.

May 3, 2012 · Answer each question with complete, sufficient answers and details from the novel.

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Michael Mackenzie fired off his Winchester Rifle on July 4th, showing it off to his best friends. What does Michael wonder about amy?.

The next day he learns a man a mile away is killed by a stray bullet and.

. Chief Zelenski came over to take Jenna and Meredith's statements. One is that Michael is simply exhausted—both psychologically and physically.

”Swallowing Stones” Unit Package This is a novel that unfolds piece by piece and is told through multiple pointsof view. . As reported in Ebony, an African American magazine, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's 1976 1976 1976 diplomatic tour of key African nations highlighted a renewed attention to the continent's issues, motivated by the presence of military and economic support by Soviet and Chinese communist governments. . Michael takes his test and when it comes to the parallel parking he walks out on it.

Explain why Darcy Kelly is mad at Michael.

The fire, which began in a crawl space at the back of the house, caused \$ 24,000 $24,000 of damage to the dwelling. How does this explain the.




What was Michael's comment about the stone.

Michael figured he’d try out his new gun.